So after filming my intro video, Carl has set me on writing my first ever blog post! I’m super excited to start sharing with you guys as this is a huge part of this lifestyle to me; and on that note, may I present to you today’s topic – Fyn and Carl’s Winter Extravaganza!

So after joining Carl and Danny working on site at Chateau La Foret, we have made our plans for our travels this winter. Carl and I are going to be travelling through Europe while Danny and Brandon travel to Asia.
Before I get started, I’d like to briefly explain the basis of how we intend on living (for now);

“Work through the summer, in order to save for travelling in the winter.”

There – done. Now on to the meat of this blog; our travel plans.

There are many locations along the way, so I’ll tell you about the significant stops. Should you want to see our full route including all stops, please follow these

Part 1/2
Part 2/2

From Chateau La Foret the first significant stop is Andorra, where we’ll be filling up with cheap Diesel in preparation for the roads ahead.
After Andorra, we travel along the northern coast of Spain to get to the first ultra-significant location on this journey – Termas Romanas de Bande.
For those of you who don’t know, these are the hot springs.
Both Carl and I are giddy to get to the springs and stay there for a few days, basking in our glory. The place looks magical and is somewhere Carl has wanted to visit for years, making it a mandatory stop on our travels.

After being in the hot springs long enough to look like oversized raisins, we’re heading south-east through Madrid and Valencia en route to Barcelona where we’ll see the sights and see Gaudi’s architecture.

From there we’re headed west to Venice, stopping at Monaco on the way.
Monaco and Venice are both places I’m really excited to go to as I’ve been told about how amazing they both are by friends and family. At this point, we’ll be halfway through our journey and figuring out how much time we have left to play with to be back in France to start work again.

After Venice, we head north, travelling through Austria stopping at Innsbruck and Vienna. Carl and Danny have been to Innsbruck previously and already blogged about it, so I’m really excited to get there and see what the fuss is all about!

After Austria, we travel through Slovakia stopping at Bratislava. We decided to go through Slovakia as you don’t hear about many people going through there while travelling and we wanted to go and get a taste of the culture.

After Slovakia, we are headed to the next gem on our list; Krakow. I have been once before for a weekend and have been longing to go back ever since. It’s a beautiful place, and I was adamant that it has to be a stop since we’re headed in that direction anyway!

The next significant location is Luxembourg, as we can stock up on fuel again. However, there are a couple of awe-inspiring cities that we’re going to be visiting on the way there; Prague, in the Czech Republic, is famour for its old town and many gorgeous sights; and Stuttgart, Germany,  a fantastic place that so many people recommend we had to make it a stop.

After Luxembourg, we head over to Belgium so that I can restock my tobacco supply. However, we firstly head north to the Nurburgring as it’s so famous and we’re both veterans of that track from many hours on Project Cars.

After Belgium, our next destination is wherever we’re working next.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – it’s a pleasure to begin sharing our journey before it’s started.

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“I am a leaf on the wind; You can’t take the sky from me.” ~ Firefly.

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