Let us clear something up right away. This job is not easy, and you can’t do this job successfully if you aren’t willing to work at it. 

There will be days where you will start at 6 am and days where you don’t finish work till midnight, but these all come with the glorious days where you only work for about 2 hours all day and get to enjoy living in the beautiful place that you call home.

Let’s go through an average day:

You will wake up at 8 am and get yourself ready and awake enough to head to the companies reception for 9 am. The company we work for has the reception open from 9-10am in a morning. We normally use this time to check up on any emails we have had from head office or our area manager, this usually involves local events happening and any rush bookings we may have had. So long as we have a clear sheet with no major issues requiring our attention, once 10 am comes we get our cleaning gear ready and head out to get caught up on mobile homes or tents that need to be prepared for customers coming either that day, or if we can get ahead, the next few days. This will normally take us till midday or around 1 pm when we head back to our live tent to grab lunch and relax for a few hours until we have reception at 3 pm. Next up we take our power banks and solar chargers over to reception for the long afternoon shift of 3-7pm on reception waiting for new arrivals and sorting our charting out which is basically how we organise our bookings and special order items. After 7 pm we head back to the live tent and that’s our day done.

Now I’m sure you read that and think ‘well that’s easy enough, cant be bad only doing cleaning for 2-3 hours and just waiting around for people the rest’. For the most part yes, this will be the daily routine. 

However, there are things that have to be done within those hours also, these include:

  • Gas bottle changeover
  • Delivering linen and special order items
  • Answering any questions by customers who see you about
  • Dealing with the numerous problems that can occur with 15-year-old static caravans
  • Finding ways to get rid of mice humanely
  • Taking full stock takes of your storage unit
  • Cleaning and making your reception look nice
  • Creating posters and information sheets for the reception
  • Communicating with the campsite to check things are ok
  • Last minute cleaning jobs due to rush bookings
  • Unclogging waste pipes from showers
  • Throwing rubbish out for customers who leave it
  • Cleaning the exteriors of the mobiles due to winter grime
  • Inputting any maintenance jobs needed
  • Changing smoke alarms
  • Socialising with customers
  • Doing departure and arrival visits
  • Deal with noise complaints
  • Replacing faulty/missing equipment

And the kicker, being on call 24/7.

Now you might have a slightly different light on what it’s like being a courier. But please don’t think that, even with all these things, that I would discourage anyone from doing this job. It’s a very fulfilling job because you alone are responsible for the happiness of your customers, and knowing you have done your best to make them happy gives you a great sense of job satisfaction. There are negatives of course, but there are negatives in any job you will do in life. This job will almost always give you the opportunity to travel as well which is why we went for this job, you can follow our travels HERE if you want to. We use this job to save up during summer and spend winter traveling where we want. Remember you will have no rent, no council tax and no household bills apart from food and your phone most likely. 

If you have the opportunity to try this lifestyle out, even if only for one season, I would encourage anyone from anywhere to try it at least once.

Fyn has actually done a video on our YouTube Channel showing you what he does for one of his cleans for Rent-A-Tent.

Hopefully, this gave you an idea of what it’s like to be a courier on a campsite if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message us on our Facebook page.


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