Greetings! Danny here.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but let’s be honest I’ve been working at a campsite for several months, I have nothing worth writing home about.

HOWEVER, I now have big plans. And I’ll share them, for I am generous.

Our contract at this campsite terminates on the 12th September. Carl and Fyn are taking the van and setting off down south towards Andorra and Spain, but not before they drop me and my boyfriend Brandon off in Nantes centre. We have 3 nights there in an AirBnB before we begin our flights and 5 months worth of jet-setting around the far East. Curious? Read on.

Not curious? Well heck read on anyway. Loser.

So after a few nights relaxing, not having to do work, in Nantes centre we hop on a morning flight to London Gatwick. We shall likely pop into London to kill some time, and we overnight in a hotel near to the airport.

Up at a reasonable time, we fly from London Gatwick to Singapore, and then to Denpasar, a city in Bali, Indonesia. Most countries where chosen basically at random depending on if I could find flights and accommodation there for cheap enough, and once the 5 countries where chosen I chose which month to spend in each one based on what weather you get where. Monsoon seasons in Vietnam and Thailand seemed best to avoid (although admittedly the accommodation costs in those months in those places were super cheap, but I didn’t feel up to rain for literally half the time I am there).

A month, or 29 nights to be specific, in each country seemed the simplest way to manage our travels. Visa restrictions in several of the countries meant we could stay no longer than 30 days, and so we’re doing the best we can.

Bali is, from what I can tell, a very cheap country. Don’t ask what exactly I’m going to be getting up to in each country as frankly, I don’t really know, and I don’t want to plan things to exact details. 5 months micro-managing? No thanks, I’ll just do whatever each day and some days nothing at all. It’s gonna be pretty great!

From Denpasar, on the 16th October, we fly out to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Now some people may have clocked on already that me and Brandon are gay, and therefore may have to be careful in certain parts of East Asia where it is still frowned upon in certain areas. I did my research, and the risk seems low everywhere that I’ve chosen to be. We’re at least more safe than the locals because we’re tourists. Malaysia isn’t great for gay rights, but in such a huge city, that has gay districts and bars, I’m hoping we’re okay. Not that anyone could tell we’re gay by looking at us, I mean Brandons bleached blond hair is merely sun damage… right?!

But yeah, certain countries such as Myanmar and Laos I deemed a little too dangerous to travel too. What’s the point of a holiday if you’re too scared to be yourself, and worry about the fact that when checking into hotels they’re giving you looks because you’re two guys with one bed?

Damn straight people don’t have to deal with this nonsense, you can go where you want. But then I can’t accidentally create a person when I have sex, so meh, win some lose some.

The accommodation we have in Kuala Lumpur looks pretty darn nice, with tennis courts on the roofs and such, but the city is the most expensive place we’re staying in on our travels so we’ll have to see what activities we can get up to out there. Not that we’re going to be super poor out there, but our budget will only stretch so far! The flights and hotels etc are all already booked however, so we know we are safe there.

Next up is the 14th November, when we fly out to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Famous for temples and ancient history like that, I expect to have one day sightseeing the tourist areas and then looking for other things to do. I know, I’m fascinating, and my dad will hate me for not spending every second of my entire month there looking at temples and statues and such like. Ah well, sue me.

Fly fly now, on the 13th December we arrive into Pattaya, Thailand! Now every westerner going to Thailand seems to have a certain stigma attached to them as it now seems to be associated with lady-boys more than anything else.

That’s all I’m going to say about that subject. Jump to your own conclusions. We ain’t no prudes.

Now for the penultimate set of flights, and on the 13th January we arrive into Da Nang, Vietnam. We actually spend one brief night in Kuala Lumpur before it because of a mistake I made with the flight bookings, almost spending too long in Vietnam before the flight home. But I digress.

I’ll admit that the war history is somewhat a draw for me in Vietnam, and I could definitely see myself hiring out a motorbike and floundering around the country for a few days on it, Top Gear style.

All sounding good so far? Well, it’s about to be over. Kinda.

On the 11th February we fly back to London, via Singapore. From there we’ll be spending time with our families and friends before we head back to France for the start of the next work season, whenever and wherever that may be!

An awful lot of travelling, but spread out over a long period right? I’ve splurged a little and gotten us Lounge passes so that our time spent in airports will be luxurious, with free drinks, food and comforts. None of that sitting uncomfortably in airport lounges for us, we’ll be sit sipping cocktails and massage chairs. Proper lads us.

Another interest of mine has always been Martial Arts, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Kung-Fu etc. Whilst travelling Asia I’d be a fool to not go and try these out, especially at the prices they are in comparison to learning them over here in the West.

With the exception of some Karate when I was a child I’ve never formally trained in a martial art. I did some boxing when training with the Army Reserve, but my main interest in it is from a friend of mine in America. He is far from a qualified instructor, but he used to earn a living fighting in extremely illegal street fights in the Chicago underground circuits, and when he’s visited me / I’ve visited him we’ve practiced some moves and he’s always been super encouraging about me.

I’m 5 5” and so pretty far from intimidating, and have never been in a street fight of any sort, nor do I intend to be. But I’d love the knowledge that should something ever happen then I’d be confident in my own abilities. Though remember kids, always just give them your wallet and/or run away. Trying to fight is the last resort, getting stabbed isn’t worth the money in your wallet!

Also, don’t do drugs. Unless they’re really good value for money.


So there you have it, my plans for winter consist of spending large amounts of time in very cheap, beautiful countries in which I’m almost close to average height. What a world.

Vlogs will be made closer to the time for you to enjoy, and over there I shall continue to do blogs and vlogs also. Subscribe to our youtube channel to see all our vides, and sign up on our website for updates!

See you soon,


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