We’re a group of four ambitious guys who have decided to leave the UK in search of adventure and culture around the world. Each of us has left our old lives behind as a choice to have this lifestyle.
We are committed to this life and have taken substantial steps to make this happen such as Converting A Van Into A Home and Working As A Campsite Courier.
We want to share our experiences with as many people as possible via our Youtube Channel, and through blogs on here with the hopes to entertain and inspire others with this lifestyle, we have chosen.

While travelling we find ourselves with a lot of spare time, and we use that time to run our business: DS Media Solutions. We offer several services such as drone footage, video editing, blog writing, proof-reading, creative writing and more!
We pride ourselves on our unique ability to travel anywhere to get footage of specific locations for customers that otherwise may not be readily accessible, or even impossible for them to get!
Most importantly, it allows us to work while we travel, and therefore has a mutual benefit between ourselves and our customers.

If you want to follow us on any of our social media you can find the links at the bottom of this page as little grey icons.

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